Articles On-The-Go: Winning the OR Culture Wars – Sterile Processing & Surgeons… How You Can Spread the Love

On this episode of Articles On-The-Go, tune in for ideas on how to win over your surgeons to become advocates for your Sterile Processing team: “There are few better ways to set off a stressed out surgeon than to consistently fail him or her in the area of surgical instrumentation. Whether it’s a set that’s unsterile for her first case, a scope that is cloudy for the umpteenth time, or an untimely delay in delivering the additional needle holders he needs to replace the ones that aren’t locking properly — understandable frustration is sure to follow. You may not hear the grumbles down in SPD, but the cultural damage is certainly done and it runs deep. But there’s good news. There’s light at the end of this gloomy OR hallway. Frustrated surgeons can be won over, and when they are, they can be one of the most powerful agents of change to propel your Sterile Processing department to the forefront of cultural excellence in the minds of the OR team. Let’s talk about some key ways your SPD team can get this done…”

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