Breaking Bottlenecks: Improving Efficiency with Healthcare Systems Engineering

How many times does a patient come in for surgery, only to experience delays that have nothing to do with them? For example, lack of available beds on the floor leads to PACU filling up with patients, which then prevents the OR from continuing because they can’t send their patients to recovery, and suddenly the next patients coming in experience a bottleneck of delays that they had no part of or control over. Every day, breakdowns in our communication and our processes prevent us from maximizing our efficiency and experiencing peak performance. We’re tackling this topic today with Dr. Bohdan Oppenheim, PhD, Professor of Systems Engineering at Loyola Marymount University. We’ll discuss how healthcare suffers from fragmentation and a lack of training in workflows. Dr. Oppenheim will also explain how communication, coordination, and integration of the multiple processes that we go through daily all play into providing safe and efficient patient care.

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