Bringing Psychiatry into the 21st Century with David Mou, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer @ Valera Health

In today’s episode, we are interviewing David Mou, the Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Valera Health.
Valera Health is a one-stop-shop for patients to manage their mental health using a digital platform.
Patients can access their therapist and psychiatrist in one place, with a dedicated health coach to help coordinate their care and support their wellness goals throughout your treatment.
Valera Health also partners with providers to deliver real-time insights into patient needs, allowing care managers to deliver timely personalized interventions to patients.
In this episode, we cover topics like:

The issues with current mental health treatment
How Valera Health differentiates itself in a competitive market
The status quo of therapy before the use of technology
How Psychiatry regulation is changing due to COVID-19

This is an episode that you won’t want to miss.


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