Building a First Class Sales Organization and Truly Understand Your Customer’s Needs with Ryan Hungate DDS, CEO and Co-founder of Simpleye

Today we sit down with Ryan Hungate, CEO of Simplifeye. Simplifeye is building an all-in-one suite of products to help dental offices manage their patients. Simplifeye provides an out-of-the-box solution that offers Live Chat, Payments, Scheduling, and connected telehealth to customers.

Ryan provides some fantastic insights on sales, defining your company’s value proposition, and his mindset on how he approaches creating a product that users actually want.

Topics we discuss today:

1.) Ryan’s first attempts at creating a start-up and what he learned.
2.) How to convince your customers that they should use your product.
3.) What does it take to create a strong sales organization?
4.) How you might be talking your way out of a sale rather than talking yourself into one when speaking with customers.
5.) How do payment companies like Affirm work and how you can leverage their business model to provide more flexible financing in dental care.

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