Building a MedTech Army to Drive Commercialization and Capture the Market

You’ve built a dream team of uniquely skilled sales pros, and you just executed a flawless exit—now it’s time to break-up the band, right? Jason Scherer and company took a different path and kept their rare entrepreneurial chemistry alive by creating Vita Group, a MedTech incubator that nurtures physicians’ ‘napkin ideas’ all the way to the commercialization stage. Join us as the chief operating officer himself discusses how a robust network of investors, a plug-and-play sales team, and an accelerated R&D cycle work together to bring bleeding-edge technologies to market.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Jason and his team call themselves a “paperless” sales force
  • How Vita Group is able to bring tech to market for one-fifth the typical cost
  • The symbiotic relationship between visionary docs and MedTech incubators
  • Why the true meaning of innovation is deeper than shiny robotics

Plus, we dig into the logistics of retaining and training a standing sales army. 

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