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The Medical Sales Accelerator Podcast brings you insider tips and secrets to help you drive your sales. Featuring interviews with top-performing medical sales reps, president’s club winners, and leaders in the MedTech industry. Hosted weekly by Zed Williamson and Clark Wiederhold. Listen online, or find us on YouTube.

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Lessons from a Rep Who’s Created More Than 1,000 Video Sales Emails

Did you know that the average complex sale has 8 to 9 people involved in the sales process? Getting buy-in from each one, or even getting them all on the same zoom call can be a headache. How do you succeed and move the needle? In this episode, we interview Thomas Buchanan, Account Executive at Modus, who has been leveraging video sales calls since 2017. He’s been using 1-to-1 sales videos to create buy-in, extend his influence in his prospect’s organizations, and close high-dollar deals. He’s created thousands of video calls and distills his knowledge down into actionable advice that will drive results for account execs and sales reps at all levels.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to get started using video sales tools
  • The first video you should create and send to a prospect
  • How to use individual watch time and engagement as sales signals to close more deals
  • What subject lines to use when sending a video
  • The ideal length for a 1-to-1 sales video
  • The attitude you must embrace when first getting started

Plus, spend time brainstorming all the various ways a MedTech sales professional could integrate video into their routine and create a blue ocean for themselves!

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Exec Perspective: A MedTech CEO’s Journey from Sales to C Suite

Pat Kothe started in the field as a sales rep. He’s worked in marketing. And today he’s President & CEO at EM Device Lab, and host of the Mastering Medical Device podcast. He knows a thing or two about not only the medical device industry, but also how MedTech companies should operate from the inside out. This episode is all about invaluable advice and pearls of wisdom that will make your life and career as a sales rep so much easier and more fulfilling — by simply breaking down organizational barriers and working in lockstep with your colleagues.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How MedTech sales, marketing, and leadership teams can coalesce to impact the bottom line
  • Why professional success often hinges on your ability to appreciate the roles of all your organizational colleagues
  • How to grow your MedTech sales skills by educating yourself on other disciplines
  • A treasure trove of proven advice and practical steps to help you move up within your organization

Plus, we dig into the critical importance of understanding and sharing the “why” behind your products and decisions — not just among your customers, but also your internal team.

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Virtual Selling: How to Close More Deals Remotely with Andy Springer

Whether you like virtual selling or not, it’s time to adapt and master this sales strategy. Because even when you’re able to walk back into a healthcare facility for a sales call, there’s a good chance your buyers will prefer to keep it virtual. That’s according to new research from the RAIN Group, and their Chief Client Officer, Andy Springer joins us in this episode to share insights from his Amazon bestseller on winning through remote sales. You’ll get actionable, research-based takeaways that promise to make you more comfortable with virtual sales, while always keeping the customer’s need top of mind.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to build rapport and relationships when selling virtually
  • Proven tips and strategies to keep buyers engaged during your virtual meetings
  • Why you must connect technical product know-how to the outcomes of the buyer
  • Why many MedTech reps spend way too much time talking about their solution

Plus, we dive into the global research conducted by the RAIN Group that uncovered virtual selling’s top challenges — and tell you how to overcome them.

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Use Your Words: The Neuroscience Behind an Effective Patient Marketing Message

Words matter. Especially the ones private practice physicians use in their marketing. So then why do so many of them fail to connect emotionally with their patients? From websites to blogs to social media, their message is often focused on their latest surgical device or procedure, completely dismissing what really resonates: the patient’s pain. In this powerful episode, Clark and Zed delve into the neuroscience behind effective physician-to-patient messaging and provide some solid tips and resources you can share with your customers and physician network to help them cut through the clutter.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why most private practice physicians get their marketing messaging all wrong
  • The power of negativity bias and how it affects healthcare marketing
  • About the reticular activating system and how it should inform your patient marketing
  • Best practices for connecting with patients through webinars and virtual community health talks

Plus, we dig into the psychological concept of the elephant and the rider, and explain why it’s always better to connect emotionally with patients rather than logically.  

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Paving the Pathway to Commercialization: Advice for MedTech Startups

Let’s talk about the science behind medical device commercialization! A chemist by training, Duane Mancini is currently the Business Development Director at Covance and has worked for many years with med device startups to help them develop get-to-market strategies. Host of the Project MedTech podcast, he joins us in this episode to give us a detailed breakdown of every step in the commercialization pathway — from regulatory to reimbursement, clinical, and more.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The ideal pathway to commercialization for a medical device product
  • Common pitfalls that affect downstream commercialization
  • Why it’s essential to think about your reimbursement strategy early
  • What your sales team needs to actually win market share

Plus, we break down fractionalizing, and why it’s the best way to begin structuring a medical device startup company.  

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Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow: The Importance of Mental Health in Sales

Sales is a game of mental toughness – and nobody knows this better than Jeff Riseley, founder of the Sales Knowledge Group and Sales Health Alliance. While the sports industry has long recognized the importance of psychology and mental game, it’s often overlooked in sales (though more than 40% of us struggle with mental health). How do we best manage our mental health in a profession riddled with ups and downs? Jeff is here to bring the conversation out into the open, end the stigma, and share tips to help you sleep better and feel less anxious and more confident during your next pitch.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to make your work more meaningful through a process called “job crafting”
  • Ways to overcome anxiety and stress to remain focused, composed, and confident
  • The two types of empathy and how each can make you a better MedTech sales professional
  • Exercises, routines, and strategies to sustain a healthy mental state

Plus, we dive into what really goes into finding your purpose and how creating “your personal why” can help you achieve balance, and ultimately, professional success.

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Sandy Garcia

As a senior level marketing consultant, I help MedTech companies and medical specialty practices grow through behavioral marketing and growth acceleration programs. I've accumulated over 20 years of experience in media sales and sales management. This includes digital, radio, cable and print. With this experience, I have a track record for generating marketing strategies that help physicians and medtech leaders get a much higher ROI for their marketing investments, resulting in increased patient demand.

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