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Encore Episode: Dr. Vinod Dasa Shares Advice Every MedTech Rep Needs to Hear

Our conversation with Dr. Vinod Dasa remains one of our most popular through 80 episodes so far—and for good reason. In just 35 minutes, the orthopaedic surgeon and co-founder of Doc Social paints a crystal-clear picture of the healthcare industry’s accelerated shift toward value-based care, perfectly hitting on how MedTech reps should be evolving alongside it. Join us as we revisit Dr. Dasa’s blueprint for becoming a stronger consultative partner to the modern physician, who now carries a bigger target on their back than ever before.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Why the industry has done a 180 on how we view patient care
  • How physician incentives have changed and why that should influence your sales strategy
  • Ways you can make your physician customers better through coaching and consultation
  • The sales rep behaviors that need to change immediately

Plus, we dive into some MedTech sales do’s and don’ts as told from the unique physician perspective.

No One Can Blaze the Trail for You: Dr. Scott Sigman’s Plea for MedTech to Think Differently

Scrub sink time has been reduced, meeting attendance is probably 25% of what it used to be, and ROI at a booth is less attractive—so what are you doing differently? That question is not only relevant for reps, either—Dr. Scott Sigman is one of many providers pioneering a new approach with fascinating implications for MedTech. The opioid-sparing orthopaedic surgeon is host of the Ortho Show podcast and chief medical officer for OrthoLazer, whose proven laser therapy has zapped the status quo for pain relief treatment. Join us as Dr. Sigman offers real-life examples of how to organically plug into a KPO’s online ‘ecosystem’ and explains why OrthoLazer’s unique franchise ownership model may have some enterprising reps drooling.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to incorporate simple apps like Vidyard for more effective outreach
  • Why you’ll never succeed unless you play to your own strengths
  • The No. 1 fear preventing patients from scheduling a doctor’s visit
  • Why bombarding a doc’s DM isn’t a “digital strategy”

Plus, we explore laser therapy’s journey through red tape and skepticism to become a widely praised treatment option.

Resources from this episode:

Social Media:

Leadership Anchored in Belief: A Blueprint for Building Morale and Protecting Culture

“Do as I say, not as I do” — this poor excuse for leadership doesn’t cut it when you’re asking soldiers to saddle up for a 20-mile road march with 60 pounds on their backs. It’s also an insidious morale-killer for any medical device sales team, and Larry Anderson knows a thing or two about leading in both worlds. In addition to being VP of commercial and strategic initiatives at BG Medical with 20 years of industry experience, he’s a U.S. Army veteran captain in the 101st Airborne division. Join us as shares his process for divorcing ego from leadership, how to create a constructive environment for complaints, and why real leadership is always bigger than titles or job descriptions.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why your team needs a better outlet for venting frustrations
  • What is meant by the mantra, “leadership is rooted in belief”
  • How leadership and mentorship go hand in hand
  • Why you support the people who report to you—and not the other way around

Plus, we dig into examples of new leaders inheriting messes and turning them into triumphs.

Resources from this episode:

Social Media:

The Pandora’s Box of Patient-Driven Testing: Why Diagnostics Will Never Be the Same

Ever had to wait five days for a test result, only for it to reveal that (shocker) you need further testing? It didn’t take two years of COVID to see that diagnostics was ripe for disruption. Patients want on-site testing and OTC kits, and large market forces—namely Amazon and Wal-Mart—are now pushing the industry in that direction. Jeremy Stackawitz is the CEO of Senzo, a company helping reshape the industry with modern diagnostic systems that are fast, accurate, and mobile. Join us as he discusses toaster-sized devices capable of running a wide variety of different tests, the catch 22 of growing antibiotic resistance, the race to establish brand recognition among consumers, and more. 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 


  • How sluggish diagnostic processes negatively impact outcomes
  • Why the barrier to entry is so high for this industry
  • How greater patient-provider participation strengthens the placebo effect
  • The critical messaging that most diagnostics companies are missing right now


Plus, we explore the tricky business of “miniaturizing” everything while maximizing performance. 

Resources from this episode: 

Download the Behavior Change Blueprint

Check Out Senzo’s Solutions

“Decision Science”: New Research on How Your Customers Interpret Risk and Frame Value

You may be doing a lot of things right—but you’ll never achieve consistent success unless you grasp the neuroscience behind why some of your tactics work better than others. Tim Riesterer is chief visionary at B2B Decision Labs, which draws from several behavioral sciences to pioneer ‘decision science.’ The goal is simple: Understand how humans conceptualize risk, frame value, and make decisions—then leverage those insights in the wild. We sat down with Tim to understand what he means when he says “value only lives in contrast,” and how you can make your customers feel smart enough to realize that they’re not responding to market trends intelligently. 

In this episode, you learn: 

  • How precise language can bypass peoples’ risk-averse biology 


  • How to avoid accidentally disrupting yourself (i.e., lean into the status quo bias)


  • Why Tim loathes focus groups and most ‘voice of the customer’ research 


  • How to sub out ‘Why Us’ stories for ‘Why Change’ stories 

Plus, we dive into some of the many juicy contradictions of the human mind.  

Lessons Learned in Driving Patient Engagement from TikTok Doctor Inna Husain

Docs can dismiss today’s hottest social media apps all they want—but Dr. Inna Husain’s authentic online presence has patients scrolling, liking, and sharing their way into her office. In addition to being a board-certified ENT with a fellowship in laryngology, Dr. Husain just so happens to be a South Asian Muslim mother of three who found a liberating sense of belonging on TikTok and Instagram during the pandemic. We caught up with this TikTok doctor to learn how she creates simple yet informative content that speaks to the pain points of 2 million+ users. Join us as she explains why passion is the key ingredient in any successful social media strategy and shares eye-opening takeaways from countless online interactions.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to responsibly educate on symptoms of a disease state to a wide audience 


  • Why Dr. Husain never proselytizes social media to disinterested docs


  • What’s realistic—and what’s definitely not—when it comes to content planning


  • How the ‘med bikini’ trend underscores the need for representation in medicine


Plus, we talk about Dr. Husain’s TikTok doctor “haters,” and why she tries to reach even the most disillusioned patients. 


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Sandy Garcia

As a senior level marketing consultant, I help MedTech companies and medical specialty practices grow through behavioral marketing and growth acceleration programs. I've accumulated over 20 years of experience in media sales and sales management. This includes digital, radio, cable and print. With this experience, I have a track record for generating marketing strategies that help physicians and medtech leaders get a much higher ROI for their marketing investments, resulting in increased patient demand.

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