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The Medical Sales Accelerator Podcast brings you insider tips and secrets to help you drive your sales. Featuring interviews with top-performing medical sales reps, president’s club winners, and leaders in the MedTech industry. Hosted weekly by Zed Williamson and Clark Wiederhold. Listen online, or find us on YouTube.

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Short-Term Pain, Long-Term Gain: The Bold Pursuit of the Brokerage Model

Your brain is wired for shortcuts—what’s the biggest one you take daily? Accepting the status quo! The pain of change often outweighs current frustrations, and the MedTech industry is no exception. Stu Brandon, a change agent for ASCdx, spent the first 21 years of his career giving his best to a large orthopaedic company. But when the juice stopped being worth the squeeze, he embraced the unknowns and carved his own path. Now, as a medical device broker, he helps both geographically exclusive and non-exclusive companies deliver ASC solutions. We sat down with Stu to discuss why so many 1099 reps act like W2 employees, how they can take back freedom and work with people they like, and why their influence is only as strong as their ability to have candid conversations.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Where along your career path it makes sense to suffer short-term pain for long-term gain
  • Why Company X would ever prefer a rep to sell Company Y’s product to their account
  • The blind spots that can accompany a direct selling role at a large company
  • The personality traits best-suited for the brokerage model
  • How to test whether your best relationships would follow you to a different company

Plus, we dig into the psychological underpinnings of why we’re often our own barriers to growth.

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Weaving Strategic Value into the DNA of Your Business

Is all the “strategic” selling you’ve been doing really just economic and clinical selling? If you’re not challenging your customers on their assumptions and identifying the real motives behind their goals, then congrats—you’re 90% of MedTech reps. Strategic value is the only way to differentiate yourself, but what does that look like to your physician partners?  We sat down with award-winning rep Jonathan Lehmann, enterprise sales manager for the East at Ambry Genetics, to discuss how he highlights his customers’ blind spots, boldly leads them on a clear course for the future, and gives them the growth tools they didn’t even know they needed.  

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to combine vulnerability with curiosity to take new ground
  • What it means to use collusion in a positive manner
  • The value of using “tactical courageousness” to identify your customer’s boundaries 
  • Habits that help you conquer imposter syndrome

Plus, we explore the impact of routine journaling on both personal and professional development.  

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Leveraging Neuroscience to Become an Invaluable Physician Partner

Promise or pain—which is the stronger motivator? We know it’s the latter from decades of behavioral science. But Jonathan Burkett knew the answer long before many of his device rep competitors did. After an experiment gone right, he became an advocate for breaking down corporate silos and helping physician partners speak straight to patient pain points. Now, as director of MedTech market strategy for TrackableMed, he’s an architect of “win-win-win” scenarios: more patient access to life-changing therapies, more trust in the healthcare system, and more business for clients. In this interview, we discuss why he bought into the TrackableMed vision, how he stopped selling products and started revealing possibilities, and some of his best “out-of-the-box” solutions.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

– How to align sales and marketing through a focus on patient education

– The humble origins of a big idea that led to the creation of TrackableMed

– How Jonathan’s passion for marketing evolved over 30+ years in the industry  

– Why market agitation triggers loss aversion and faster utilization rates among physicians

-Why the wisest reps never attack their competitors’ products

Plus, we touch on the impact that patient education has made on the industry since the ‘90s.

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The Giant Facility Fostering ‘Top Gun’ Surgeons and Smarter MedTech Development

It’s great to have the backing of a key opinion leader, but do the folks in the trenches respect your product? Anesthesiologist Dr. Aaron Ali has witnessed scores of MedTech companies fail to design devices that take into account the needs of everyone in the operating room. The problem? Not enough access to the voice of the customer. That’s why Dr. Ali co-founded MedtoMarket with a mission to collect a multitude of valuable perspectives under one roof. We sat down with him to discuss the spirit behind MedtoMarket’s massive facility for co-working, consulting, and advanced medical training.  


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How MedTech companies can tap into the “360° perspective” of an operating room
  • The limitations of developing devices on university campuses   
  • Why every physician needs more than humdrum conferences to further their education
  • How stronger collaboration between startups and practicing physicians improves patient care

Plus, we look at ways to step back from bureaucracy and get a more holistic view of customers. 

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Challenge Everything: Why It Pays to View the Industry Through Fresh Eyes

Is your experience in the industry blinding you to new business? Experience doesn’t always translate to success, and it can create a ceiling of assumptions. It’s also something that full-line sales rep Jacob McLaughlin lacked when he entered medical devices sales. The former personal trainer took over an underperforming territory and began forging successful relationships, despite a barrage of insults and pushback. We sat down with him to discuss how he’s restoring broken trust through active listening, his process for handling negativity, and the power of taking nothing for granted.                                                                                               

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to strategically bring negative labels to the forefront of your conversations
  • The power of responding to criticism with empathy—not prepackaged data
  • How to use a doc’s precious 30 seconds to identify unaddressed pain points
  • The differences between a “growth mindset” and a “fixed mindset”
  • Why it’s helpful to treat the failings of a previous rep as your own

Plus, we explore the principles of “extreme ownership” and how they can repair broken bridges.  

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Embracing Digital Health as a Force Multiplier

Is digital transformation in the MedTech space a threat to your business? Only if you hide from it, says Jim Surek, VP of sales at ExplORer Surgical and host of the Medical Sales Nation podcast. We sat down with the digital health advocate to discuss how early adopters of new technologies are primed to capture market share, why so many reps are afraid to rock the boat, and a few things to watch out for as expectations shift.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

– How digital health redefines the relationship between reps and clinical specialists

– Why younger doctors aren’t interested in grabbing dinner with you

– The aspects of device sales that will never be digitized  

-Why seeing 50 cases in two weeks could be the new expectation for reps

Plus, we explore how digital technologies eliminate “hiding places” in the sales process.  

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Sandy Garcia

As a senior level marketing consultant, I help MedTech companies and medical specialty practices grow through behavioral marketing and growth acceleration programs. I've accumulated over 20 years of experience in media sales and sales management. This includes digital, radio, cable and print. With this experience, I have a track record for generating marketing strategies that help physicians and medtech leaders get a much higher ROI for their marketing investments, resulting in increased patient demand.

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