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The Medical Sales Accelerator Podcast brings you insider tips and secrets to help you drive your sales. Featuring interviews with top-performing medical sales reps, president’s club winners, and leaders in the MedTech industry. Hosted weekly by Zed Williamson and Clark Wiederhold. Listen online, or find us on YouTube.

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Pushing Organizations Out of Comfort to Achieve More Sales

Sponsored by TrackableMed

How do you achieve high sales rates in markets around the world? Identify the ideal distributor in each country, drive up their engagement and competency through personalized training, and teach them the ins and outs of the systems you have in place. At the end of the day, holding everyone accountable builds confidence and drives results.

In this week’s episode, sponsored by TrackableMed, we met with Zach Selch, Founder of Global Sales Mentor. In the interview, we learn more about how he’s found success selling medical device in 135 countries around the world. From the trade show lounge area to sending outsourced reps product information, Zach has mastered building an engaging community for sales professionals.

Listen to this episode for more on:

  • Dissecting markets on a country-by-country basis
  • Monthly engagement programs
  • The importance of supporting and nurturing your salespeople
  • Lessons in the universal purchasing process
  • Teaching people to run into the fire
  • Getting reps to remember you

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Breaking Through Healthcare’s Decision-Making Pyramid with Diana Hall

Are regulations and requirements preventing products, solutions, and treatments out of the hands of patients that really need them? Good providers want to improve patient care and try to use new products that can help, but they’re often restricted by the red tape in their own network. This, plus a culture amongst physicians that’s difficult to change, makes innovation in healthcare a massive challenge.

We sat down with Diana Hall, President and CEO of ActiveArmor, to learn more about her quest to breach the walls of the healthcare industry with her 3D printed casts. The 2022 Colorado Manufacturing Woman of the Year shares what inspired her to engineer a new and improved cast, the challenges she faces in getting the product to patients, and what steps to take to launch your innovative ideas.

Listen for more on:

  • Advantages of 3D printed casts
  • The 3 levels of the customer funnel
  • Changing behavior by challenging the status quo
  • The culture of physicians when it comes to MedTech innovation
  • Conflicts of interest between decision makers in healthcare

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Buying From Your Company is Harder Than You Think

In a world of instant gratification, why is it so difficult to get in touch with your local medical device representative? Whether you’re looking to have someone answer your questions or you want to make a purchase, finding the right information shouldn’t be an obstacle – it should be a simple step towards your solution. Cheryl Halbert, founder and CEO of RepSource, experienced that challenge regularly at the beginning of her medical device career. Instead of waiting around for a solution, she rolled up her sleeves and created it.

In this week’s episode, Cheryl shares the pain points she’s witnessed on both the clinical and rep side, and how RepSource is addressing those problems. We also discuss the importance of immediate availability for customers, the challenges that hospital staff turnover rates can bring up, and how to avoid missed opportunities.

Join us for more on:

  • The challenge of relying on a business card
  • Making rep information more accessible to everyone
  • Simplifying processes to get customers on the phone
  • Instant gratification as a driving force
  • Creating the path of least resistance in medical device sales

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Encore: The Leader’s Guide for Resetting Your Mindset for 2023

It’s high time you let yourself fail at something new – in fact, it could be the best thing you do for yourself in the coming year.

We all operate in two types of mindsets: fixed vs growth, as outlined in psychologist Carol Dweck’s landmark book “Mindset.” But mere surface knowledge of the daily tips, tricks, and techniques she popularized won’t revolutionize your career. In this episode, we’re replaying one of our most popular conversations about the power of mindset, and knowing where you sit when the going gets tough.

With the new year on the horizon, there’s no better time to revisit the issue with “problem territories,” and reset your mindset!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why being your hardest critic causes you to miss more opportunities
  • How to acknowledge failure in a healthier, more constructive way
  • The reason we often seek comfort in our own faulty assumptions in social situations
  • Practical steps for replacing self-deprecation with constructive questioning
  • Why “smart” kids often grow up to be risk-averse adults

Plus, we discuss the value of adopting what works – and discarding what doesn’t – from the mindsets of colleagues and competitors.

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Lessons Learned From Developing New Technology with Neteera’s Founder, Isaac Litman

Isn’t it ironic . . . we have vehicles that can drive themselves, and yet healthcare patients remain restricted by wires, patches, and tubes? Isaac Litman, CEO and founder of Neteera, recognized the arbitrage and decided to act on it. His company has developed a contactless heart and lung monitor that can measure vital signs from a distance, using a number of innovative data points.

In this week’s episode, Isaac joins us to discuss his approach to bringing more advanced technology to healthcare. We also talk about the 8-year journey to bring a product to market, overcoming challenges, and the hunger for innovation in the industry. 

Listen for more on:

  • The inevitable changes approaching healthcare in 2023 and beyond
  • How the Neteera team is custom manufacturing radar technology
  • The data points providers could leverage with this new technology and how that empowers healthcare decisions and point of care
  • How Isaac and his team approach failure and persistence toward problem-solving
  • How observing other industries can inspire you to take action in the healthcare space

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Intensity is Your Why: How Barricaid is Channeling Their Impact for Growth

Could you find more success by focusing on 10% of your potential market?

Robert Spomer, VP of sales at Intrinsic Therapeutics, says yes by channeling impact through the right surgeons, even if that means limiting where your resources go. In this week’s episode, Robert shares why he’s so passionate about medical device sales, how to identify the right surgeons to work with, and the impact technology can have in the operating room.

Listen and learn about:

  • Limiting potential market to increase sales
  • The two types of customers in medical device sales
  • The benefits of passion in your work
  • Questions that have answers vs those that don’t
  • How to choose the right surgeons to work with
  • Creating markets vs competing for market shares

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Sandy Garcia

As a senior level marketing consultant, I help MedTech companies and medical specialty practices grow through behavioral marketing and growth acceleration programs. I've accumulated over 20 years of experience in media sales and sales management. This includes digital, radio, cable and print. With this experience, I have a track record for generating marketing strategies that help physicians and medtech leaders get a much higher ROI for their marketing investments, resulting in increased patient demand.

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