Buying From Your Company is Harder Than You Think

In a world of instant gratification, why is it so difficult to get in touch with your local medical device representative? Whether you’re looking to have someone answer your questions or you want to make a purchase, finding the right information shouldn’t be an obstacle – it should be a simple step towards your solution. Cheryl Halbert, founder and CEO of RepSource, experienced that challenge regularly at the beginning of her medical device career. Instead of waiting around for a solution, she rolled up her sleeves and created it.

In this week’s episode, Cheryl shares the pain points she’s witnessed on both the clinical and rep side, and how RepSource is addressing those problems. We also discuss the importance of immediate availability for customers, the challenges that hospital staff turnover rates can bring up, and how to avoid missed opportunities.

Join us for more on:

  • The challenge of relying on a business card
  • Making rep information more accessible to everyone
  • Simplifying processes to get customers on the phone
  • Instant gratification as a driving force
  • Creating the path of least resistance in medical device sales

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