Case Cart Preparation 101: Back to the Basics

This week’s episode of the First Case “Articles On-The-Go” series is written by, Paul Wafer, BS, MBA, RN where he discusses the basic of Case Cart preparation for your surgical cases: “So yes, the best way to solve your preference list and case picking woes is to hardwire a simple process into your workflow and then cWhat is a procedure case cart? We work with them every single day. They are the raw materials that keep the engines of each Operating Room going at full speed. But when is the last time you have stopped to really consider the What, Where, Who, When, and Why’s of these rolling stainless steel live-savers? That is the topic we’ll cover in this week’s article…..”


Articles On-the-Go presents perioperative insights from written articles in a creative, easy to listen, audio format. Think audio book, meets busy Operating Room professional!

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