Catalonia: Betting on Open Standards (Pol Perez Sust)

If we look at nationwide successful digitalization projects, we often hear about Estonia, Israel, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, or Israel. All these countries have less than 10 million people. It is therefore not surprising, that in bigger countries that are divided into regions, successful digitalization happens gradually.

Spain is divided in regions and each one of them manages healthcare on its own. Catalonia, which has 7,6 million people, is driving a 43 million EUR worth regional digital health strategy, in preparation since 2018. The strength of the new model of information systems is to build the electronic health history with the openEHR standard. This will enable semantic interoperability and enable a person center model for information. 

 This episode is a recording of a conference panel during the eHealth Week, a week of events about good healthcare digitalization practices across Europe, organized during the Slovenian presidency to the Council of EU.


  • Pol Perez Sust, director of Information System Area of Catalunya, Spain
  • Bojana Beović, President, Medical Chamber of Slovenia
  • Blaž Suhač, Assistant to GD for informatics,  University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Moderator: Maja Dragović, Former journalist for, Business Development Specialist at Better

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