Challenge Everything: Why It Pays to View the Industry Through Fresh Eyes

Is your experience in the industry blinding you to new business? Experience doesn’t always translate to success, and it can create a ceiling of assumptions. It’s also something that full-line sales rep Jacob McLaughlin lacked when he entered medical devices sales. The former personal trainer took over an underperforming territory and began forging successful relationships, despite a barrage of insults and pushback. We sat down with him to discuss how he’s restoring broken trust through active listening, his process for handling negativity, and the power of taking nothing for granted.                                                                                               

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to strategically bring negative labels to the forefront of your conversations
  • The power of responding to criticism with empathy—not prepackaged data
  • How to use a doc’s precious 30 seconds to identify unaddressed pain points
  • The differences between a “growth mindset” and a “fixed mindset”
  • Why it’s helpful to treat the failings of a previous rep as your own

Plus, we explore the principles of “extreme ownership” and how they can repair broken bridges.  

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