Clubhouse, Digital Therapeutics and How Can We Speed Un Innovation Adoption (Jhonathan Bringas, Diana Van Stijn)

If you took part in the Clubhouse frenzy last year, you probably came across the Digital Health Channel. Digital Health Channel which currently has 6400 members, was among the key digital health topics related hubs on Clubhouse with an active schedule of discussions each week. It was founded by two medical doctors – Jhonatan Bringas and Diana van Stijn, who many may not know, are a married couple. While the Digital Health Channel is not active anymore, Diana and Jhonatan are continuing their pursuit of bridging the gap between medical practice and innovation. They work with Medscape and occasionally facilitate digital health-related discussions. They’re the co-founders of Lapsi health, a digital health startup that was first looking at a digital therapeutic solution for asthma in children but is now pivoting in the space of digital biomarkers. Most of the time, however, Diana works as a clinical resident at Amsterdam UMC Hospital and Jhonathan as the digital health consultant and lecturer. In today’s short discussion you’re going to hear a bit more about their journey, perspective on digital therapeutics, and bridging the gap between academia and the industry to accelerate healthcare innovation.

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