Creating a Culture of Compliance

Are you creating a Culture of Compliance? Join me and my special guest Mr Jose Delgado of EPI Compliance. EPI has an excellent program and service to help practices and facilities create and maintain an effective compliance program.

We will Interview Mr Delgado and ask him these questions:

What are the common areas you see in healthcare where compliance is lacking?

What do healthcare facilities often misunderstand about compliance?

Why do we need compliance?

What makes for an effective compliance program?

What are some basic steps facilities can take to create a welcome environment for compliance?

How has EPI compliance been successful in creating a compliance culture with their clients ?

What should clinics and facilities ask themselves when considering a compliance plan for their facility?

SPEAKER: Jose A. Delgado

Jose A. Delgado has a wealth of experience in business development, growth and management. For the last 20 years, Mr. Delgado has focused his experience in the hospitality, healthcare and finance industries. Jose possesses a natural love for debate, entrepreneurship, and a desire to innovate the healthcare and financial industries.

Drawing from the hospitality and industry, Mr. Delgado has brought in the importance of several facets of business that are traditionally overlooked like customer care/experience, human resources, business management, business culture, marketing and branding.

From healthcare, Mr. Delgado quickly realized that having a real understanding of Compliance and the intersectional relationships between the many governing bodies that are found in the healthcare industry can keep providers in business.

Mr. Delgado has always sought to create value in the healthcare industry and shift the focus away from its current antiquated business processes into the opportunities that the Information Age provides.

Do you want to get your practice set up with an effective compliance program that will save you time and money so you can focus on taking care of your patients? Contact us at to get your practice onboard with our successful compliance tools.

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