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Flipping the Script: Healthcare Upside Down

In today's episode, we have a captivating discussion about a groundbreaking book that turns our understanding of healthcare as we know it today.

Joining us is the esteemed Dr. Henry Buchwald, a seasoned healthcare professional who has witnessed the transformation of healthcare over the past 50 years. Drawing from his vast experience and keen observations, Dr. Buchwald offers a unique perspective on the current state of healthcare in the United States.

Dr. Buchwald unveils a startling truth—that our healthcare system has strayed from its core purpose of prioritizing patient well-being. Instead, it seems to cater more to administrators and bureaucracy, resulting in an expensive and impersonal system that may not truly serve the best interests of the nation or its people.

Dr. Buchwald fearlessly addresses the broken doctor-patient relationship and explores the profound effects of pandemics like COVID-19 on our healthcare system. He leaves us with his vision for the future and the areas where he believes our healthcare efforts should be focused.

Prepare to have your perspectives challenged and your curiosity ignited as we venture into the world of “Healthcare Upside Down” with Dr. Henry Buchwald. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and get ready to reexamine what you thought you knew about healthcare

Grab a copy of this transformative masterpiece Now by visiting

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Safeguarding Healthcare in the Digital Age

In this episode we delve into the critical issue of healthcare cybersecurity and its increasingly vital role in protecting sensitive patient data. As digital transformation accelerates within the healthcare industry, the risks and challenges associated with cybersecurity have become more pronounced.

Join our expert guest, Britton Burton with Corl Technologies. Britton is a cybersecurity specialist in the healthcare sector. He shares invaluable insights and practical advice on fortifying healthcare systems against cyber threats. Britton brings a wealth of experience in safeguarding patient privacy, mitigating vulnerabilities, and implementing effective cybersecurity strategies.

During this engaging conversation, we explore the evolving landscape of healthcare cybersecurity, highlighting the following key topics:

  • The Current Threat Landscape
  • Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies
  • Best Practices for Healthcare Organizations
  • The Human Factor

Join us for this eye-opening episode as we unpack the challenges and opportunities within healthcare cybersecurity and discover practical strategies to safeguard patient data and maintain trust in the digital era.

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Revolutionizing Healthcare: Embracing Digital Transformation for Better Patient Care

In this captivating episode, we delve into the realm of digital transformation in healthcare and explore its profound impact on patient care. Our expert guest in digital transformation Unmesh Srivastava, will shed light on various facets of this transformation, including the adoption of value-based care, harnessing the power of AI technology, and the crucial aspect of cultural sensitivity.

Join us as we uncover how healthcare providers are redefining their practices to prioritize value-based care. Discover how value-based care not only improves patient satisfaction but also enhances overall health outcomes while reducing costs.

We then delve into the vast potential of AI technology in revolutionizing healthcare. We will discuss cutting-edge applications, such as predictive analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing, which are transforming the way healthcare is delivered. Learn how AI-powered systems can streamline diagnosis, personalize treatment plans, and optimize resource allocation, ultimately leading to improved patient care and more efficient healthcare workflows.

But amidst the rapid technological advancements, our discussion takes a thoughtful turn towards cultural sensitivity in healthcare. We explore the importance of recognizing and respecting diverse cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and practices in the context of patient care. Our guests highlight the need for healthcare organizations to foster cultural competence, train their staff, and leverage technology to bridge cultural gaps, ensuring equitable and inclusive healthcare for all.

Learn more about what Clever Healthcare is doing to advance digital transformation in healthcare.

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Building human centered relationships in healthcare organizations

This episode will discuss how to build meaningful relationships with patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. You will learn to build strong relationships with your teams, peers and external stakeholders. We will provide insights on how to build and maintain relationships that are beneficial to the organization as a whole. We will interview Jennifer Krippner Chief Experience Officer at the Institute for Healthcare Excellence

Developing trust, communication, accountability, feedback and teamwork.

Impacts that health care organizations have on the broader community, which will help leaders better understand the big picture.

Valuable lessons that will equip and empower leaders to improve their relationships.


Jennifer Krippner
Chief Experience Officer

The Institute for Healthcare Excellence

Jennifer Krippner is a leading expert on patient experience and relationship centered care. Jennifer has more than 20 years of expertise in strategic planning, patient experience, physician development and employee/community engagement. Prior to her lead role at The Institute for Healthcare Excellence, she was director of physician development and guest relations at Maple Grove Hospital in Minnesota. While there, she led staff-driven patient experience advisory teams and developed projects that directly contributed to consistent top tier performance in key patient and staff satisfaction results.

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Current Data trends for Pharmacy Services

In this podcast episode, we sit down with Joey Dizenhouse, an expert in the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) . We explore the latest data trends in the PBM market, including rising healthcare costs. We also delve into the growing importance of data analytics and technology in managing pharmacy benefits and improving patient outcomes.

Throughout the episode, Joey shares his experiences and observations from his work in the PBM industry and as a patient advocate, offering valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing patients, providers, and PBMs in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, patient, or simply interested in the latest trends and developments in the pharmacy benefit management industry, this podcast episode is a must-listen.

Rising Healthcare Costs
Growing importance of data tracking for improved patient outcomes
Benefits and Challenges of Increased use of technology
Focus on patient engagement
Impact and lessons learned since Covid19
Patient Advocacy and Copay Assistance Programs and

Inflation Reduction Act Takes Multiple Approaches to Improve Drug Access, Affordability

Human Capital

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Support for Primary Care

In this episode, we are showing our support for primary care physicians and how we can help them improve documentation.
Primary care physicians are the backbone of our healthcare system. They provide comprehensive health care services to patients and serve as the first line of defense against illness and disease.

Unfortunately, primary care physicians often struggle to keep up with the mountain of documentation requirements required which means that their time spent with patients is diminished, resulting in less efficient patient care.

That’s why we are here today, to discuss ways that primary care physicians can improve their documentation without sacrificing the quality of their patient care.

We will chat with our special guest, national speaker, and risk adjustment expert Christine Hall CHC (AAPC Instructor) CPC , CPB, CPMA, CRC, CEMC, CPC-I

Let's break down HCC and documentation areas of concern to improve efficiency, and calculation of true patient risk and help improve the quality of care.

  • Direct Supervision and Telehealth post-PHE
  • What is extended until 2024?
  • Proper telehealth communication post-PHE
  • Documentation that supports clinical indicators

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