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Physician and Coder: The Dynamic Duo

In this episode, we sit down with my friend and fellow podcaster Terry Fletcher and discuss the relationship between Physicians and coders. This is a significant relationship that helps utilize both the clinical and business sides of medicine. This partnership ensures compliance, and accurate revenue and allows the physician to focus on patient care while enabling the coder to make sure the revenue is solid. When physicians keep their hard-earned income, the practice can flourish and patients can continue to receive services. Terry and I will discuss:

  • Expectations of Physicians and Coders
  • Eliminating communication gaps with the assistance of Practice Management
  • Having difficult conversations with physicians
  • How consultants have become effective educators

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Decreasing the Prior Authorization Burdens

Are you feeling burdened down with the Prior Authorization processes? You are not alone.

In this episode we will chat with Manish Jain, Co-Founder and VP, Business Development of Oncosparkand get his insights. We will answer:

  • Why do insurance companies require authorization?
  • Are internal process issues delaying treatment?
  • Tips for organization, demographic errors, treatment changes and miscommunication in scheduling vs approval
  • Can you truly automate the authorization process?

We will look at different kinds of authorizations such as:

Diagnostic testing

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Behind the Curtain with an Auditor

Join me and special guest Betty Hovey, BSHAM CCS-P CDIP CPC COC CPMA CPCD CPB CPCI as we look “Behind the curtain with an Auditor”

  • What is behind more audits in 2022?
  • What does a lack of Audits say about your organization?
  • Is Compliance your priority?
  • What does an Auditor do?
  • Why are Auditors vital in Healthcare?

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MPFS Indicators

Check out me with my friend Pam Vanderbilt as we talk about Medicare and Modifiers.

We will discuss the MPFS Indicators and why all in the Revenue Cycle need to know how Medicare processes claims, because Guess What?

“Coding can change based on these Indicators”

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Communication Barriers in the Business of Healthcare

Join me and my special guest Leslie Boles, BA, CCS, CPC, CPMA, CHC, CPC-I, CRC as we discuss the shift that needs to happen in the Business of Healthcare. As the Co-Owner & President at Revu Healthcare Leslie and her team offer comprehensive regulatory compliance solutions to healthcare providers, hospitals, health systems, physician groups, and other healthcare entities.

In the past 10-15 years there has been a progression of gaps in communication between physicians and coders. Has technology played a role? What happened to good old-fashioned educated conversations? Do your coders and billers have access to the Physicians and Clinicians in your practice? We will also look at what Physicians are facing and how we can help them succeed.

  • Burdens physicians face in patient care
  • What can we do to be their advocate?
  • Compliance issues we have seen in the documentation before and during PHE
  • How administrators can bridge the gap between coders and billers and encourage open communication
  • Do you know your EMR?

Technology tools enhance a successful practice and do not do all the work

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Are you just a Medical Coder?

This week we dive into the Revenue Cycle as it relates to Medical Coding. We encourage all to think about how their role as a Medical Coder is a peice of that Cycle and how we approach that role will effect all members of a Healthcare facility. Ultimately it effects the patient. Do you know you are more than a Medical Coder?

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