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Unraveling Evaluation and Management: Understanding a patients’ condition

In this exciting three-part series we will hear from our advisors all about how to unravel the E/M guidelines and how to interpret areas of documentation. In this episode, we will look at how to interpret some key definitions in the MDM that affect a patient’s condition.

  • The meaning of acute vs chronic
  • Exacerbated conditions vs severe exacerbations
  • Complicated vs uncomplicated conditions

There are many areas to dissect and you simply cannot do it without research, communication, and a good understanding of anatomy and disease processes. .

Let’s tune in to our advisors


Christine Hall CHC (AAPC Instructor) CPC , CPB, CPMA, CRC, CEMC, CPC-I



Sonal Patel, BA, CPMA, CPC, CMC, ICDCM

Part I: Focus on New E/M Standards in the Office/Outpatient Setting; andAuditing in 2023

Part II: Focus on New E/M Standards in the Inpatient Setting, respectively.

  • She has a weekly Compliance & Auditing Tip for NAMAS® on 2/23/2023 titled,Dawning of a New Era: The Sun Rises on New E/M Standards in 2023 and Beyond.

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Navigating the Minefield of Compliance

In our first episode of Season two, we start out with a very important topic that affects all in healthcare-Compliance! It’s more than understanding what it is, but also how we view it and how we navigate the many levels.

Today we sit down and chat with Compliance and Legal expert Susan Walberg JD, a consultant, and writer in all things compliance.

Susan will tell us all about her latest Compliance Books and Non-Fiction books that are designed to shed light on meeting industry standards and navigating the legal minefields in healthcare. We will discuss

  • What compliance is and why we need it
  • Areas of Compliance concern
  • Better communication skills are needed between clinical and business teams
  • Compliance hot topics such s Privacy/Security and OSHA
  • Compliance and Technology concerns

Prepare your practice and facility for compliance challenges and jump over to Amazon to check out all things Compliance with Susan Walberg:

Susan Walberg Books on Amazon

Insiders Guide to Compliance for Physician Practices Paperback – November 28, 2019

Insider’s Guide to Compliance: Real World Advice for Building a Successful Compliance Program Paperback – February 20, 2018

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Reboot: Are you a Patient Advocate?

In this final episode of 2022, we are bringing back a fan favorite and a very important topic. We must continue advocating for improved access to care, a better quality of care, and better patient rights and protections.

We sat down with Jared Walker the Founder of Dollar For and we dig into the importance of hospitals being transparent about their charity programs and empowering patients to take control of their healthcare

Dollar For is a program that provides financial assistance to individuals advocating for themselves or their loved ones in the healthcare system. Dollar For offers financial assistance to help cover the cost of medical bills, medications, and other expenses associated with medical bills. The program also provides resources and support to help individuals navigate the healthcare system and make informed decisions. Learn how you can help others by volunteering and becoming a patient advocate

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Improving Patient Communication

Do you communicate effectively with your patients? Is your business staff up to the challenge of the necessary communication needed to keep your patients happy?

Let’s chat about necessary conversations that require communication

  • Explaining Financial responsibility
  • Communication regarding Prior Authorizations
  • Effectively communicating prior to the patient appointment

Legal requirements for Copays

Join us fo the RevCycle Symposium February 23, 2023 Online and On Demand

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Conversation with a Surgeon: Does your patient come first?

In this episode I had the privilege of interviewing my friend Dr. Michael Cross.

Conversation with a Surgeon: Does your patient come first?

-Unique challenges in Breast Oncology
-Burdens physicians face
-Communication with teams
-Patient education
-Preventative measures and cost

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Diabetes Awareness Month: Documentation and Risk

In this episode we discuss Diabetes. November is Diabetes awareness month and we want to understand the impact on patient care and reimbursement and the cost of treating the condition.

  • How Diabetes affects Cost in Value-Based Care
  • ICD10-CM Coding Guidelines
  • Documentation and Risk

Learn more by scheduling an onsite review and education session with your physicians – Contact our Advisory Network

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