Building human centered relationships in healthcare organizations

This episode will discuss how to build meaningful relationships with patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. You will learn to build strong relationships with your teams, peers and external stakeholders. We will provide insights on how to build and maintain relationships that are beneficial to the organization as a whole. We will interview Jennifer Krippner Chief Experience Officer at the Institute for Healthcare Excellence

Developing trust, communication, accountability, feedback and teamwork.

Impacts that health care organizations have on the broader community, which will help leaders better understand the big picture.

Valuable lessons that will equip and empower leaders to improve their relationships.


Jennifer Krippner
Chief Experience Officer

The Institute for Healthcare Excellence

Jennifer Krippner is a leading expert on patient experience and relationship centered care. Jennifer has more than 20 years of expertise in strategic planning, patient experience, physician development and employee/community engagement. Prior to her lead role at The Institute for Healthcare Excellence, she was director of physician development and guest relations at Maple Grove Hospital in Minnesota. While there, she led staff-driven patient experience advisory teams and developed projects that directly contributed to consistent top tier performance in key patient and staff satisfaction results.

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