Safeguarding Healthcare in the Digital Age

In this episode we delve into the critical issue of healthcare cybersecurity and its increasingly vital role in protecting sensitive patient data. As digital transformation accelerates within the healthcare industry, the risks and challenges associated with cybersecurity have become more pronounced.

Join our expert guest, Britton Burton with Corl Technologies. Britton is a cybersecurity specialist in the healthcare sector. He shares invaluable insights and practical advice on fortifying healthcare systems against cyber threats. Britton brings a wealth of experience in safeguarding patient privacy, mitigating vulnerabilities, and implementing effective cybersecurity strategies.

During this engaging conversation, we explore the evolving landscape of healthcare cybersecurity, highlighting the following key topics:

  • The Current Threat Landscape
  • Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies
  • Best Practices for Healthcare Organizations
  • The Human Factor

Join us for this eye-opening episode as we unpack the challenges and opportunities within healthcare cybersecurity and discover practical strategies to safeguard patient data and maintain trust in the digital era.

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