Dr Drucilla Roberts – Perinatal Pathologist

Today on the People of Pathology Podcast I speak with perinatal pathologist Dr Drucilla Roberts.  

What we discuss with Dr Roberts:

  • How she became involved with pathology outreach in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Her involvement with the Human Placenta Project
  • Categories of Placental Pathology PathCast
  • The Placental and Gestational Pathology textbook
  • The Amsterdam International Consensus Group
  • Early research on the placenta and COVID-19

Links for this Episode:

Pathology: Functionality in Resource-Poor Settings article here

Human Placenta Project website

Categories of Placental Pathology PathCast here

Amsterdam International Consensus Group article here

Pathology of the Placenta book here

Placental and Gestational Pathology book here

Placenta and COVID-19 JAMA article here

Contact Dr Roberts here

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