Dr Rodney Rohde – Microbiology and Medical Laboratory Science

Today I speak with Dr Rodney Rohde, Chair of the Clinical Laboratory Science Department at Texas State University.

What we discuss with Dr Rohde:

  • His educational background and experience in the state health department
  • His 2016 TEDx talk, “Saving Lives in the Shadows of Healthcare.”
  • The book RabiesClinical Considerations and Exposure Evaluations.
  • The Global Citizenship Alliance
  • Healthcare Hygiene Magazine and the Bug Buster Box

Links for this episode:

Dr Rohde on Twitter

Dr Rohde’s Website

Saving Lives in the Shadows of Healthcare TEDx Talk

Rabies – Clinical Considerations and Exposure Evaluations book

Dr Rohde’s Forbes article

Global Citizenship Alliance here

Bug Buster Box here


Dead Men Do Tell Tales Podcast website

People of Pathology Podcast:






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