EiT Health Germany Series 4/12: What Does it Take to Suceed as a Digital Health/Biotech Startup?

In this episode, founders of four very different companies talk about their fundraising experiences. As critically mentioned by Fouad Al-Noor – Co-Founder & CEO – ThinkSono  – we should stop talking about the myth that startups search for investors that can offer strategic benefits. It’s true, but fundraising is still primarily about getting money to be able to start a business. The key thing, in the end, is also to find an investor you like as a person. This will be crucial for the investor-startup relationship to survive once things get tough,” he says. 

And it does get tough. As mentioned by Kei W. Mueller, he talked to over 90 investors with very limited success because the solution Ebenbuild is creating is so forward-thinking.

In this episode you will hear: 

  • About a mental health app that world with hospitals to give patients timely support after discharge and prevent to early readmissions, 
  • A startup improving mechanical ventilation with the help of digital twins, 
  • How can immunotherapy production be optimized according to a swiss based startup Limula, 
  • Revolution in ultrasound: handheld ThinkSono is shortening the diagnostics time of deep venous thrombosis. 

We briefly discussed each of these solutions and also the fundraising side of startups. EIT Health Catapult Program has plenty to offer, but as a startup you should consider which stage you’re in when applying, to get the most value. 



If you’re a medical device manufacturer or have the ability to donate medical equipment, EIT Health is facilitating the supply of medical equipment to Ukraine. EIT Health has partnered with the Polish Medical Mission, a leading humanitarian organisation working with healthcare professionals on the border of Ukraine. If you are an organisation with the ability to donate and ship any of the medical equipment please complete the form on Eit Health’s website for Ukraine: https://eithealth.eu/ukraine-appeal/



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