Embracing Digital Health as a Force Multiplier

Is digital transformation in the MedTech space a threat to your business? Only if you hide from it, says Jim Surek, VP of sales at ExplORer Surgical and host of the Medical Sales Nation podcast. We sat down with the digital health advocate to discuss how early adopters of new technologies are primed to capture market share, why so many reps are afraid to rock the boat, and a few things to watch out for as expectations shift.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

– How digital health redefines the relationship between reps and clinical specialists

– Why younger doctors aren’t interested in grabbing dinner with you

– The aspects of device sales that will never be digitized  

-Why seeing 50 cases in two weeks could be the new expectation for reps

Plus, we explore how digital technologies eliminate “hiding places” in the sales process.  

Resources and links from the show:


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