Ep#11: Katie Ford, SPT

Welcome to this episode of the TelePT Connections Podcast. Our guest this week is Katie Ford, direct from Tulsa, Oklahoma. You can find Katie at cultivatestrength.com

Katie is a strength coach with over six years of experience and she’s also wrapping up her second year in the University of Oklahoma’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. She’s been working as a coach entirely online for the past two years and has been tweaking her current practice to prepare to offer cash-based telehealth PT services next year.

In addition, Katie is opening a business incubator in Tulsa next month for other clinicians and coaches in her area that are interested in entrepreneurship and need a safe space to work on their side gig.

When I asked Katie if there’s anything she didn’t want us to get into on the podcast, she told me “No. I’m very much an open book and pathologically friendly.” I’m from NY so that’s a little foreign to me, but it definitely makes for an entertaining podcast. Katie is smart and creative and she’s innovating in our space before she’s even a licensed PT. She also has great energy, so this was a lot of fun. Enjoy the episode.

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