Ep#14 – Chris Gellert, PT

Chris Gellert is the CEO of Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems. Chris has 20 years of clinical experience as a PT, a Personal Trainer and a Certified Professional Coach.

He holds an Advanced Master’s degree in orthopedics & sports physical therapy, a Master’s degree in physical therapy and a BS in Marketing. He is an experienced international presenter, writer, and consultant.

Chris has created 17 home study courses on human movement and three live seminars for personal trainers and physical therapy assistants. He developed the advanced Certificate in Post Rehab Program, which is comprised of 10 home study courses, a live seminar, 50+ videos, articles, webinars and a mentoring system. Chris’s latest course is called “Creating your Side Hustle: What PTs Didn’t Learn in School.” We talk about side hustles, avoiding burnout and of course the future of the PT profession.

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Learn more about Chris at https://www.ptcsconsulting.com

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