Ep#18 – Jan Ground: Leading Innovation in Healthcare

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This week, we are joined by Jan Ground, PT. Jan led innovation and virtual care at Kaiser Permanente Colorado, where she worked for 18 years.  Currently, she is the Colorado Liaison to the Southwest Telehealth Resource Center and the Colorado Ambassador to Telehealth and Medicine Today, an online peer-reviewed journal.  Very active with leadership roles in the American Telemedicine Association, Jan leads a group looking to prove, with the use of data, that telehealth is worth paying for, even after COVID-19.  And telehealth is not just video visits!

Ms. Ground’s greatest expertise is in leading change, a significant need in implementing virtual care, and in working with leaders to clearly define a measurable problem before implementing a new approach to care.  Her greatest passion now is working with healthcare leaders to lower the cost of the American healthcare system without lowering clinical outcomes OR improving clinical outcomes without increasing the cost. 

Jan led Kaiser Permanente Colorado’s first Innovation Team, and she is an expert at asking provocative questions that lead to viable solutions and 360 degree buy-in. You’ll hear Jan work her magic in this episode and I’m sure this discussion will make you think about how you approach innovation and change in your life.

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