Episode 105: Dr Andrea Deyrup – Didactics, Disparities, Data, and Deep Dives

Today my guest is Pathologist Dr Andrea Deyrup

What we discuss with Dr Deyrup:

  • Her initial work in evolutionary biology
  • How and why she decided on medical school and pathology
  • Her backpacking trip through Asia and some of her adventures there
  • Her current position at Duke University and her previous teaching experience
  • How her view of race in medicine has changed
  • Working on Robbins Essential Pathology and Robbins Basic Pathology, and some of the changes that are coming
  • Her collaboration with Dr Jospeh Graves Jr, and their recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine
  • The feedback from other medical specialties on the issue of race in medicine
  • Why it is important that pathology and pathologists lead the way in this change

Links for this episode:

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