Episode 11 – To The Medical Device Sales Battlefront In The Covid Era

In this episode Jeff Hydar takes us into the real world of a start-up medical device company that is quickly revising its sales process and marketing tools to adapt to selling in the very restrictive Covid Era.  Meet Jeff Hydar, VP Sales at Kent Imaging.  The Kent Imaging Team is adapting, innovating and executing.  It is inspiring!

Now Go Win Your Week!!

Jeff Hydar LinkedIn Profile Link

Kent Imaging website link

The Challenger Sale –  Taking Control of the Customer Conversation, by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson Link here

Extreme Ownership – How US Navy Seals Lead to Win – by Jocko Willink and  Leif Babin – Link here   

The Road Back to You – An Enneagram Journey to Self Discovery – Link here

AdvaMed Reopening Guidance Link 

CMS Reopening Guidance to Facilities to Provide Non-emergent care Link 

AMA Physcian Practice Reopening Guidance Link

Ted Newill LinkedIn Link

Medical Device Success website link

Ted’s contact page at Medical Device Success Link



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