Episode 120: Dr Rodney Rohde – What You Need To Know About Monkeypox

Today Dr Rodney Rohde returns to the podcast 

What we discuss with Dr Rohde:

  • How monkeypox got its name, and what type of virus it is
  • A brief history of this virus, and typical mode of transmission
  • The two monkeypox clades, and which is responsible for the current outbreak
  • The 2003 monkeypox outbreak, and Dr Rohde’s role in the response to it
  • Defining epidemic, pandemic, and endemic
  • New research into the mutation rate of monkeypox, and why this is interesting
  • The transmissibility of monkeypox compared to other viruses
  • Available vaccines for monkeypox
  • How this epidemic highlights why lab testing is so important

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