Episode 122: Dr Fatima Carneiro – Pathology in Portugal, Gastric Cancer, and The European Society of Pathology

Today my guest is Pathologist Dr Fatima Carneiro

What we discuss with Dr Carneiro:

  • How her interest in pediatrics changed to pathology
  • Her education in Angola, and some of her experiences there
  • How she became interested in teaching
  • How she started working on research in gastric cancer, and specifically hereditary gastric cancer
  • Her experience as an editor for The WHO Blue Book on Tumors of the Digestive System
  • How she became involved with the European Society of Pathology, and some of her accomplishments as President of the Society
  • How she established a national tumor bank network in Portugal
  • Why international efforts are important in pathology
  • The state of pathology recruitment in Portugal

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