Episode 125: Dr Heidi Rehm – Genomics and Pathology, and the Precision Health Meeting

Today my guest is Genomic Medicine Researcher Dr Heidi Rehm

What we discuss with Dr Rehm:

  • How she became interested in biology and genomics
  • Studying the genetic basis of hearing loss, and why she thinks the cochlea is a thing of beauty
  • How she got involved with the Broad Institute, and her work there
  • Some of the barriers to the use of genetics in medicine
  • Her thoughts on free data exchange among genomics researchers
  • Matchmaker Exchange, and how it is important for genomics research
  • The role of genomics in pathology, both now and in the future
  • The Precision Health Meeting, and how she became involved
  • How meetings such as this help promote technological advances in genomics

Links for this episode:

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Broad Institute

Program for Medical and Population Genetics

Matchmaker Exchange



“Matching” consent to purpose: The example of the Matchmaker Exchange

Matchmaker Exchange in Human Genetics

AGBT Precision Health Meeting


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