Episode 13 – Putting Your Values into Your Estate Plan With Adam O’Dell

It is critical for you to take the time to go through estate planning to ensure that when the time comes for your wealth to be transferred, it is going where you want it to. 

Did you know that during estate planning you have the opportunity to add your own personal and family values into it? 

In this episode, Lauren Oschman and Kameron Helmuth are joined by Adam O’Dell, head of the Trusts & Estates division at Gordon Law Group, as they talk about the importance of estate planning. Adam shares why planning early is important and gives some examples of how he has seen people add their values into the planning. 

Adam discusses:

  • His journey to finding a passion in estate planning
  • What happens if you pass without creating a will
  • The probate process and how you can understand if your assets will go through it
  • How estate planning can be customized to your family values and goals
  • What we could expect with the new laws proposed by the Biden administration
  • And more

Connect With Adam O’Dell:

Connect With Kameron Helmuth & Lauren Oschman:

About Our Guest:

Adam O’Dell is an experienced attorney in trial work, business formation and corporate matters, and estate and legacy planning with an emphasis on asset protection.



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