Episode 132: Dr Abdul Abid – How To Advocate For Pathology, And The Follow Your Path Podcast

Today my guest is Pathology Fellow Dr Abdul Abid

What we discuss with Dr Abid:

  • His path to medical school in Pakistan, and the specialties that were of interest
  • What an observership is, and what it took to obtain them
  • Why he chose to come to the US for pathology residency
  • How and why he got involved in the Texas Society of Pathologists
  • The CAP Residents Forum and how he became involved
  • The subspecialties of pathology that he finds interesting
  • How he uses Twitter and other formats as teaching tools
  • The Follow Your Path podcast and how this idea developed

Links for this episode:

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The ConfLab from LabVine

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Dr Abdul Abid on Twitter 

Follow Your Path on Twitter

Follow Your Path Podcast

From Hospital Halls to Popular Culture, Pathology in the Spotlight

Texas Society of Pathologists

CAP Residents Forum


People of Pathology Podcast:





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