Episode 134: Leif Honda And Jon Wetzel – Biobanking And Trimetis Life Sciences

Today my guests are Leif Honda and Jon Wetzel from Trimetis Life Sciences 

What we discuss with Jon and Leif:

  • Their educational backgrounds and entrepreneurial inspirations
  • How they got started in biobanking and how they came to work together
  • Their roles at Trimetis Life Sciences
  • Trimetis Computer Assisted Pathology (TCAP) and how this system was developed
  • How TCAP utilizes AI
  • Trimetis ARCH system and how it can improve biobanking efficiency
  • What the future holds for Trimetis 

Links for this episode:

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Simplifying Complex Medical Sample Procurement for Tissue & Cancer

Revolutionizing Tissue-Based Research Through Pathology and Artificial Intelligence With Jon Wetzel and Leif Honda


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