Episode 135: Dr Ken Bloom – Transforming Pathology Through Technology, Spatial Biology, And Nucleai

Today my guest is Pathologist Dr Ken Bloom 

What we discuss with Dr Bloom:

  • His path from medical school to pathology
  • Designing and implementing the first telepathology system
  • His work in computer vision that led to working at Chromavision
  • Developing an immunofluorescence system with Clarient
  • His work at Human Longevity
  • Spatial biology and how it can be applied to pathology
  • How Nucleai is using spatial biology to transform pathology and precision medicine
  • His thoughts on the future of pathology in the digital era

Links for this episode:

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The ConfLab from LabVine

Dress A Med scrubs


Nucleai Website

Human Longevity

Future Trends In Spatial Biology

Nucleai Appoints New Head of Pathology to Support Expansion in Biopharmaceutical and Clinical Markets


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