Episode 137: Dr Aleš Ryška – The Role of Pathology in Molecular Testing, and The European Society of Pathology

Today my guest is Pathologist Dr Aleš Ryška

What we discuss with Dr Ryška:

  • Why he decided to go to medical school and how he discovered pathology
  • His thoughts on why students are not choosing medicine as a career, and what to do about that
  • How he got involved in the Czech Society of Pathology and the European Society of Pathology
  • his role as current President of the ESP
  • The recent European Congress of Pathology and why it was a hybrid format for the first time
  • The state of molecular pathology in Europe
  • Multidisciplinary Molecular Tumor Boards, and the role the Pathologist should have in molecular testing

Links for this episode:

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NSCLC molecular testing in Central and Eastern European countries

The leading role of pathology in assessing the somatic molecular alterations of cancer: Position Paper of the European Society of Pathology


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