Episode 139: Dr Barbarajean Magnani – A Message in Poison, and The Poison Blog

Today my guest is Pathologist, Toxicologist, and Author Dr Barbarajean Magnani

What we discuss with Dr Magnani:

  • When she started working on A Message in Poison after finishing the previous book
  • Why she included a new character in this book, a forensic pathologist
  • The further development of the relationship between Dr Robinson and Rose, who is now a medical student
  • The Trolley Problem, and how Lily Robinson embodies that
  • How she has changed as a writer over the course of the series, and if the series will continue
  • The Poison Blog, and why she started it
  • Where the inspiration for some of the blog posts comes from
  • The CAP Foundation See, Test, and Treat program

Links for this episode:

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The Poison Blog

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CAP Foundation – See, Test, and Treat


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