Episode 14 – Fireproofing your career in this tumultuous time (And, if fired, creating a new foundation)

“30% or more of our sales force does not have the skills to survive in the covid or post covid era.”  This is what a high-level medical device sales exec told me this week.  You could extend that troubling statistic from sales into marketing and other areas of a company.  So, as companies are forced to re-evaluate the human assets they bring to bear in the Covid and post Covid era, how do you stand up?  What can you do to fireproof yourself?  Or, if you have lost your job, what can you do to set the foundation upon which you get your next job?

Note! I am looking for 10 to 15 medical device sales managers to participate in a beta project related to a professional community.  This is not like LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is less about community and more about branding.  This beta project is about a real community where you get to know other sales executives, share ideas, solve problems, enhance your skills and grow professionally.  Of course, it is to have some fun too. Sales execs can be region managers, directors of sales, VPs of sales, etc. Let me know if you are interested.

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