Episode 150: Robert Lott And Joshua Greenlee – Anatomic Pathology Patient Interest Association

Today my guests are Robert Lott and Joshua Greenlee from the Anatomic Pathology Patient Interest Association 

What we discuss with Robert and Josh:

  • How they each got into the histotechnology field
  • How they became involved in training programs
  • Why they decided to move from the clinical lab into industry
  • The Anatomic Patient Interest Association (APPIA) and what it does
  • How the TOPS program was developed and why it is important
  • How to become a member of APPIA

Links for this episode:

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The ConfLab from LabVine

Dress A Med scrubs


Anatomic Pathology Patient Interest Association

APPIA on LinkedIn

APPIA on Twitter

TOPS Program

National Society for Histotechnology


People of Pathology Podcast:





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