Episode 16 – Seeing Is Believing – OpticSurg Brings Eyes and Information to the OR and Bedside

Today you will hear from Dr. Tran Tu Huyhn, Founder and President of OpticSurg. The OpticSurg team is developing mixed reality medical technology to assist health care providers at numerous levels from surgery to bedside with enhanced and more economical patient care.  Technology like this could have significant implications for healthcare systems and medical device companies under pressure from numerous factors including the pandemic. 

We are very close to starting the community beta.  I have solid group of sales execs for the beta.  However, I need more marketing people. For the beta I am focusing on the US and Europe to simplify communications.  Please contact me for more information. 

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Tran Tu Huynh, DO LinkedIn link 

OpticSurg website link  

Ted Newill LinkedIn link   

Medical Device Success website link   

Ted’s contact page at Medical Device Success link



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