Episode 173: Jeff Rhude – Navigating The Cloud In Digital Pathology With Proscia

Jeff Rhude is the VP of Technical Operations at Proscia.  Today we discuss the use of cloud-based technologies in digital pathology.

Cloud-based storage offers significant advantages over traditional on-premises solutions in the field of digital pathology. The episode highlights several key benefits that make cloud storage a compelling choice for storing sensitive patient data and large image files in pathology.

Cloud-based storage offers superior data durability, security, and recovery capabilities.  It also allows for access to the latest AI capabilities.  

AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, have already shown significant improvements in various industries, including healthcare. With cloud computing, Pathologists can leverage AI tools to enhance their diagnostic capabilities, streamline workflows, and improve patient outcomes. However, resistance to technology can lead to being left behind in a rapidly advancing field.  So it is important to embrace technology to keep up with the rapidly changing pathology field. 


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