Episode 18 – Two Podcasts You Should Listen To and Journaling…yes, Journaling

In your search for professional guidance and ideas, one or two podcasts is not enough.  Today, I recommend two other medical device related podcasts that I like and learn from.  One is Medical Sales Nation hosted by Jim Surek, a VP of Sales in a surgically related company.  The other is Medical Device Made Easy hosted by Monir El Azzouzi a QA and Regulatory expert.  Someday, I will interview these guys for my podcast. Next, we talk about journaling as a way to reflect, reduce stress, be accountable and solve problems in these challenging times.

Now Go Win Your Week!!

Jim Surek’s LinkedIn Profile Link 

Medical Sales Nation podcast Link  

Monir El Azzouzi’s LinkedIn Profile Link  

Easy Medical Device Website Link   

Medical Device Made Easy June News Link  

Ted Newill LinkedIn link   

Medical Device Success website link  

Ted’s contact page at Medical Device Success Link



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