Episode 30 –A DIY Social Media Campaign Creates Actionable Sales Leads in MedTech

Bob Iasillo, National Sales Director at 2020/Now, an emerging MedTech company needed actionable sales leads in this era where traditional prospecting tactics are no longer viable.  He roled up his sleeves, did his research and put into action a unique social media campaign.  No agency help. No formal marketing automation campaign. Just DIY (Do It Yourself). And, he got results! You will be surprised at his social media channel of choice. I was. This is the first episode in our series on Demand Generation.  It is fun.  Bob is a member of the MedTech Leaders community and just started his own podcast – The Future of Eye Care. Congrats Bob! 

This coming week we have our second episode in the Demand Generation series “Turn Your Leads Into Clients with Properly Executed Email Campaigns” with Jeannette Castañeda of Inbox P.I.

We welcomed several new members to MedTech Leaders Community last week. We are growing.  Over 70 members from 18 countries. We have over 7 hours of content on selling in the virtual world.  A couple members said it is like a master class. There is a 30-day free trial. The equivalent of your first paid month will be contributed to Direct Relief, Doctors without Borders or the American Red Cross.

Link to MedTechLeaders – https://medtechleaders.mn.co

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Bob recommends watching “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix

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