Episode 32: Dr Neil Theise – Liver Pathology, Interstitium, Complexity Theory, and More

Today my guest is Liver Pathologist Dr Neil Theise.

What we discuss with Dr Theise:

  • How he became a liver pathologist
  • His work in redefining the microanatomy of the canals of Hering
  • The paper he coauthored in 2018 on the interstitium, and some of the implications of that work
  • Complexity theory and the self organizing universe, and how they relate to pathology
  • The concept of Beginner’s Mind

Links for this episode:

  • “Structure and Distribution of an Unrecognized Interstitium in Human Tissues” in Nature
  • “Meet Your Interstitium, A Newfound Organ” in Scientific American
  • “The Canals of Hering and Hepatic Stem Cells in Humans” in Hepatology
  • Self Organizing Universe on Youtube

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