Episode 35 – CRM 1 – Critical Elements to a Productive Foundation

For MedTech sales to succeed in this new environment, you need Demand Generation.  For Demand Generation to succeed, you need a well implemented and accepted CRM system.  Only 45% of organizations use CRM for its intended purpose.  Less than 40% of businesses have a CRM adoption rate over 90%. Because these statistics include large B2C companies, I suspect the adoption rate in small to medium sized MedTech companies is worse.  MedTech is leaving money on the table and starving their sales funnels!! This is why I asked Eliza Hammer Gage, Senior Consultant, Red Argyle to spend two episodes on CRM as part of our series on Demand Generation.  Red Argyle is a highly regarded SalesForce CRM consulting partner. 

Note that I am not paid by the people or companies that I interview.

The MedTech Leaders Community is growing.  Over 70 members from 18 countries. We have over 8 hours of content on selling in the virtual world.  A couple members said it is like a master class. There is a 30-day free trial. The equivalent of your first paid month will be contributed to Direct Relief, Doctors without Borders or the American Red Cross.

The videocast will be in the MedTech Leaders Community at medtechleaders.net. 

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