Episode 35: Dr Barbarajean Magnani – Pathologist, Toxicologist, Author of The Queen of All Poisons

My guest today is Dr Barbarajean Magnani.  Dr Magnani is a Pathologist and Toxicologist, and is the author of The Queen of All Poisons.

What we discuss with Dr Magnani:

  • Her work as a toxicology consultant and as Pathologist in Chief at Tufts University School of Medicine
  • How her Master’s degree in Marine Environmental Science led to her interest in toxins
  • How a series of stories she wrote for the Journal of Clinical Chemistry became Lily Robinson and the Art of Secret Poisoning
  • The inspiration for the character Dr Lily Robinson
  • How Michael Crichton had an influence on her writing
  • The visible pathologist and how Lily Robinson portrays this
  • The sequel to The Queen of All Poisons, called The Power of Poison, to be released in March 2021

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The Queen of All Poisons from Amazon

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The Art of Secret Poisoning from AACC


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