Episode 4 – The Future of the Medical Device Industry in the Covid-19 Era

Let me start out by saying that I am biased.  I am a marketing and sales guy.  And, marketing and sales personalities are typically optimistic.  We can leap tall buildings and fly faster than a speeding bullet.  We are built to overcome challenges.  However, this is a dangerous bias when looking into the Covid-19 future.  To counter this bias, I beat myself up with a lot of reading, research and conversations with medical device executives.  It was sobering.  It was like taking a cold shower.  We are in for change.  Big change. 

In this podcast I review a number of critical data points.  Then I connect the dots to consider new trends both soft and hard.  Finally, I share my predictions as to the economic recovery, the impact on medical device business and how marketing and sales will change.  

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Devon Powers – Prof. at Temple University and author of “On Trend: the business of forecasting the future”.  Devon’s LinkedIn profile is here and her book is here.

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