Episode 41 – Bridging the Virtual Gap – Connecting with Customers on Camera

Talking and listening on-camera are not natural skills.

MedTech sellers have rapidly been trained to adopt new tools, new platforms and fresh messaging they need to succeed in a virtual world.  Yet most are left using trial and error to figure out how to use video to connect with customers and build relationships.

Why is this important? Because a recent survey of C-suite hospital executives showed that 75% believed that virtual interaction with vendors would stay the same in 2021 as 2020 or increase.  The same access problems will remain with physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Julie Hansen provides those missing virtual selling skills for connecting effectively on video.

Almost every actor who has transitioned successfully from live performance to film or television has received on-camera training.  Why do we expect our sales teams – people primarily from business or technical backgrounds – to be able to master on their own what professional performers require training on?

Julie Hansen is the founder of Performance Sales and Training where she puts her early career experience in television acting to use.  After acting, Julie had a successful sales career.  While in sales she realized what many sales people were missing in terms of “acting” skills.  Now that selling is more virtual than ever, the ability to connect through the lens of a camera is more important than ever.  She has written two books (links below) and will publish a third in the near future that focuses on connecting through the camera.

Julie has been rated a Top 50 Keynote Speaker by Top Sales World.

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ACT like a Sales Pro 

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