Episode 42 – In the C-Suite with Jennifer Fried, CEO, ExplORer Surgical

Surveys indicate that virtual support in the operating room and procedure room is here to stay. From the “back of a napkin” to commercialization, Jennifer Fried has led the ExplORer Surgical team to success. They are busy staking out a position as a leader in virtual support to medical device companies seeking to improve best practices, clinical support, training, collaboration and coaching in the operating room. In this episode she starts out explaining the technology and how it works.  Then, we dive into the story of ExplORer Surgical.  Believe it or not…the development of this technology is NOT a response to the pandemic.  Of course, it has benefited from the pandemic.  However, if you leave it at that, you miss some of the important value propositions that underly the power of the platform.  Everybody is a winner with this platform…the patient, the hospital and the medical device company. Tune in!

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