Episode 45 – CRM2 – Going From CRM to Sales Force Automation

In Episode 35 we laid the CRM foundation. Today we build on that foundation and begin to move into Sales Force Automation and Marketing Automation.  This is where SFA and MA can start working hard for your company to increase revenues. Eliza Hammer-Gage, Senior Consultant, Red Argyle joins me again to show another way we can move MedTech into the realm of modern B2B demand generation tactics.  Remember what I shared before, less than 40% of businesses have a CRM adoption rate over 90%.  Because these statistics include large B2C companies, I suspect the adoption rate in small to medium sized MedTech companies is worse. This means a lot of companies are leaving money and opportunities on the table.

This is part of our series on Demand Generation.  Red Argyle is a highly regarded SalesForce CRM consulting partner.

Note that I am not paid by the people or companies that I interview.

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