Episode 55 – Driving Sales with Physician Micro-Marketing in MedTech

Do you know which digital platform is most effective in targeting physicians?  Is it LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok?  In a few minutes, you will know the answer.  The pandemic caused a tremendous amount of rethinking about how MedTech gains the interest and attention of prospects.  Physician micro-marketing is a solution. Our guest to help us with this fascinating and surprising subject is Scott Alexander, CEO of Jairus Physician Micro-Marketing.  Scott also shares a case study of where micro-marketing and micro targeting helps a company ramp initial sales and pivot to a what they thought was a secondary market that turns out to be their primary market.  All this done rapidly and economically when compared to traditional marketing and sales tactics.

A comment on the pandemic. With the Delta variant reigning supreme in many countries and the Lambda variant gaining ground in South America, be very careful of how you view your marketing and sales activities in other countries and in certain regions of the US.  These variants have governments and hospital systems very nervous.  One of the members of the MedTech Leaders community, a CEO of a firm in South Africa told me that they were busy gaining momentum several months ago only to have a new surge shut their sales efforts down.

Speaking of the MedTech Leaders community, we now have a new entry level member program called the Get Involved plan.  It is only $14 per year and includes a free trial.  Learn more at medtechleaders.net.  If you are a leader or aspire to be a leader in MedTech, you will enjoy the community.
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