Episode 6 – Selling in a Covid-19 World – New Sales Practices

The Medical Device Success podcast series has been downloaded in 65 countries!  This was an eye-opening discovery when I was poking around my download statistics.  Not long ago, a French listener asked if I offered transcripts.  I haven’t…..yet.  With this new discovery, I will.  This week I will start making transcripts of past podcasts starting with the one she asked about.

This week we talk about Selling Medical Devices in a Covid-19 world.  The selling landscape for medical devices has changed significantly and continues to change. Some of these changes may be long term.  By that I mean 18 months or more. Becca Kiel of the Bichsel Medical Marketing Group joins me to share some insights she gathered while researching the subject for a blog post.  We discuss what may change in the sales process.

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