Episode 86 – How an AI Design Team Helps Medtech with Moshe Safran, PhD

I will start with a Question – Does a MedTech product have to have AI as a direct component to be considered enhanced by AI? The answer is “No”. AI can contribute to the success of a product or service in many ways.

Today we continue with the subject of Artificial Intelligence.  What is different is that we approach the subject from the view of a company that helps MedTech companies create AI based software that assist their clients products in one of three ways. Our guest today is Moshe Safran, PhD, CEO of RSIP Vision USA.  Moshe and his team have been helping companies for years with their AI related challenges. By the end of this podcast, we should have you thinking outside the box in terms of how AI works with and can support products.

Links to Moshe and RSIP Vision are below in the show notes.

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