Episode 91: Nikki Johnson – Forensic Photography, Death Under Glass, and Unseen at the Mutter Museum

Today my guest is Forensic Photographer Nikki Johnson

What we discuss with Nikki:

  • Her education in art and photography
  • How she got started in the photography field and some of her early work
  • How she entered the forensics field, and what her work involves
  • Meeting Dr Marianne Hamel and starting Death Under Glass
  • The Unseen exhibit at the Mutter Museum and the process of putting that together
  • Her photo series during the pandemic of New York City

Links for this episode:

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Nikki Johnson on Twitter

Nikki Johnson on Instagram

Nikki’s Website

Death Under Glass

Unseen at the Mutter Museum

2022 Mutter Calendar Featuring Unseen

Nikki Johnson’s Photographs of the Pandemic


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